How to Make Composting Easier

Posted By on Jan 3, 2016 |


Composting is easy, but not every gardener knows how to ensure the compost turns out great. Here are a few tips.


Activate Your Compost

You can add activators to the compost to kick-start and hasten the composting process. Some common activators are grass clippings, comfrey leaves or chicken manure that has properly rotted.

Look For a Solution For Flying Access

Tiny fruit flies are majorly attracted to your compost pile. You can discourage them by covering any fruits or veggie matter that is exposed. Place some grass clippings near your compost bin so that when you add some kitchen waste to your compost heap; cover it with some inches of the clippings. You can also add calcium or lime to ward off flies.

Find a Solution For the Horrid Odors From Your Compost Pile

When you have a compost pile with a stench in urban and suburban places, it can be bothersome to the people nearby. You can reduce the odor using some techniques. Do not add any meat scraps or bones into your pile and also do not cover fresh additions to the pile with grass clippings that are dry. Lime and calcium can also neutralize the odors. Elements rich in carbon such as straw can also deal with compost that has an ammonia-like smell.

Do Not Worry If Your Compost Pile Is Steaming

A compost pile that is hot and steamy is an indication that there are many microscopic critters that are working towards creating compost.


Why Your Compost Pile Is Soggy

It is a popular issue particularly during winter since carbon-rich materials are less. If this is the case, you can reinstate your pile to a healthy balance of nitrogen and carbon. You can learn how you can restore your pile at the Open permaculture school and regenerative leadership institute.

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Why the Leaves and Grass Clippings Are Clustering Together

When the wet materials you have put into the composter stick together, they reduce the rate of the aeration process. There are two easy solutions; you can put the materials on the side of the composter and gradually add other ingredients. Ensure you mix leaves and grass clippings with other materials for ultimate results.

Get Rid Of the Raccoons


Your compost pile can attract raccoons sometimes. The ideal solution is to block their entry to the pile. You can use traps and poisons to do this. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a commercial compost bin that has secure lids to make it pest-proof..

These are just a few tips to help you make composting easier. You can learn more as you do it yourself.